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Are you tired of conventional nail lamps that take half an eternity to dry your nail polish or gel? Or maybe your current nail lamp is just not safe and endangers your eyes or skin? Or your nails are very important to you, but are you outdated UV lamps uncomfortable? Whatever your motivation, MiroPure has a solution for you!

Flexible drying
Two time settings (30s, 60s) give you the opportunity to dry your nails quite comfortably. Press the button twice to set 60s. Press the button again to turn off the lamp. Just follow the instructions of your gel or nail polish to dry it at the touch of a button.

Compact design
The device has a hinged opening that you can also close to conveniently store and transport the lamp in pockets. This is the ideal choice for maintaining your nails at home.

Safety as the highest priority
Thanks to the sophisticated ventilation and minimal UV radiation, the MiroPure 24W UV LED Wet Dryer is not only beautiful and robust, but above all, safe and healthy.

Salon Standard:
✓ 18 durable MiroPure UV LED lights

① Not for conventional nail polish
② In order to maximize the life of the MiroPure UV LED luminaires, please do not use irritating cleaning agents.
③ It is normal for the nail polish to be slightly sticky after drying. Just use a cloth dipped in alcohol to treat the nails a little.


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