DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Compact Tire Inflator, Auto Electric Air Compressor for Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles and Sport Balls


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  • 【FASTER AND STRONGER】Is your current tire inflator slow and unimpressive? Then upgrade! This DBPOWER air compressor can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0-35 psi in only 3 minutes, which is faster than most other comparable air compressors on the market. Another reason to buy it is its strength and durability.
  • 【PRACTICAL AND USEFUL】The DBPOWER tire inflator has an array of practical uses. Although designed to inflate tires of cars, bikes and motorcycles, it can actually be used to inflate most other inflatable objects via the three additional air flow adaptors included. More uses offer you even better value.
  • 【LONG POWER CORD】The 2.5m power cord that connects into the cigarette lighter (air hose 56cm) ensures you can easily connect the tire inflator with all four tires on your vehicle. Never be bothered again by those car air compressors that struggle to reach the back tires!
  • 【CONVENIENT TO OPERATE】Simply plug into a car cigarette lighter plug, start inflating and turn off the unit manually once the desired pressure has been reached. The Easy-to-press valve also makes the process faster so as not to release too much air from the tire when removing the air hose.
  • 【YOUR JOURNEY PARTNER】 With the DBPOWER tire inflator in your inventory, you can inflate your tires and check pressure anytime, anywhere. No more trips to the gas station air pump! And never be inconvenienced again by waiting for rescue services to arrive when you have a flat tire.

500 in stock

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A Must-Have Item for Each Car Owner

Every car owner should have an air pump. Not only does the pump offer peace of mind against a flat tire, but it also allows you to regularly check the tire pressure. Driving with correct tire pressures ensures fuel-efficiency, as well as protecting the tires against premature or uneven wear. Never be stranded by a flat tire again!

Built-in Tire Pressure Gauge

As previously mentioned, regularly inspecting tire pressure is very important for several reasons; safe driving, fuel-efficiency and tire wear etc. The built-in tire pressure gauge prevents you from over- or under-inflating your tires.

Product Specification

Power Input: DC 12V

Stable Working Pressure: 50 psi

Working Current: 10A

Working Voltage: 11V-14Vi

Working Temperatures: -10℃~+60℃ (14℉~140℉)

Net Weight: 1.12kg

Dimension: 187*164*64mm

Air Hose Length: 560mm

Continuous Working Time: 10 mins


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