EDGEBUILD Clinically Proven Muscle Building Ingredients 526G

  • ENHANCE STRENGTH AND POWER – Betaine, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and L-Leucine are just a few of the ingredients in EdgeBuild that increase muscular output and lead to a rapid increase in strength and power.
  • INCREASE MUSCLE GROWTH – EdgeBuild includes advanced ingredients that are proven to promote lean muscle growth. Each ingredient is dosed in full clinically effectively amounts to maximize results.
  • MAXIMIZE RECOVERY – EdgeBuild helps to stimulate protein synthesis and minimize lactic acid build up leading to quicker recovery, strengthened immune system, and decreased chance of injury.
  • GMP CERTIFIED – Produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility, NutraEdge guarantees the highest quality ingredients. As well, our product is made in the USA and FDA approved.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We stand behind our product 100%. If you are not fully satisfied we will refund your money with no questions asked.
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EdgeBuild by NutraEdge contains the strongest ingredients backed by clinical scientific research to produce increases in strength, power, muscle growth, and maximize muscular recovery. EdgeBuild provides full optimal doses of each ingredient and does not contain ANY proprietary blends. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.. RAW STRENGTH, POWER, AND MUSCLE!

L-Glutamine (5 GRAMS) – Glutamine stores become depleted during intense physical exercise. L-Glutamine promotes maximum muscle recovery and also has a positive impact on the immune system.
Beta-Alanine (2 GRAMS) – Beta-Alanine is backed by major sports nutrition studies to increase strength, muscle growth, endurance levels, recovery, and even stimulate fat loss.
Creatine Monohydrate (3 GRAMS) – Creatine works by restoring muscle energy known as ATP, and is scientifically proven to enhance muscle mass and provide strength increases of 15-30%.
Betaine Anhydrous (2.5 GRAMS) – In real human clinical studies, Betaine not only increased strength and lean muscle mass, it also increased Muscle Growth.
L-Leucine (4 GRAMS) – L-Leucine is a key ingredient in stimulating protein synthesis and jump starting muscle growth immediately following a workout.
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (2 GRAMS)– L-Carnitine L-Tartrate consumption has shown to increase testosterone uptake resulting in increased recovery and muscle growth.
Taurine (1 GRAM) – Muscles with increased levels of Taurine are shown to contract at a higher rate then those with low levels.
Bioperine (5 MILLIGRAMS)– This natural black pepper extract increases the rate at which nutrients are absorbed into the body.


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