NURSAL Shiatsu Neck Pillow Massager

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  • 8 SHIATSU MASSAGE BALLS & 4 MODES: Deep-kneading massager pillow (4 balls for kneading and 4 balls for heating) works on your tired muscles with 4 different modes, including Clockwise Kneading, Clockwise Heating Kneading, Anticlockwise Kneading and Anticlockwise Heating Kneading.
  • HEATING & 3D FUNCTION: The heat is effective for warming and soothing aching muscles . And it can be turned on and off , if you desired or needed. Combined with ergonomics, professional 3D rotating balls design, give you a deep-kneading just like human hands massage.
  • WARM HAND BAG DESIGN: Equipped with detachable fiber cloth. If you dislike the strong strength, the cloth will play a role in reducing the intensity of the massage balls. Put hands under the cloth, you will gain a warm hand bag. No harm, easy to clean and remove.
  • OVER-HEATED PROTECTION & AUTO SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: If the temperature is over 70℃ or 158℉, massager pillow can cut off the drive power protection device. And It has a 15 minute automatic shut off for safety purposes.
  • POWERFUL & COMPACT: Adjustable Strap fixes the massager pillow on your car and chair. Relaxing and helpful with everyday aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and foots.
SKU: HPC0028

3 reviews for NURSAL Shiatsu Neck Pillow Massager

  1. CTGWH

    NURSAL Shiatsu Neck Pillow Massager – 3D Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat Spa Therapy & Warm Hand Bag for Neck, Shoulder and Back Fatigue, Stiffness and Pain Relief.
    I bought few days ago another one. Different brand.
    But now, my wife said that she want one for her.
    We saw that this one has a detachable fiber cloth, and she can hold the hands inside, for heat and massage.
    Has 4 modes of work.
    Right side rotation with or without heat and left right rotation with or without heat.
    She try it, and said that the pillow certainly gives a good, deep tissue massage.
    Use it all along the back, shoulders and neck.
    The circulating motion delivers a nice even and well distributes massage and the heat feature really helps loosen the tension.
    She felt a relief in back and shoulders.
    Strong action and relief from muscle pain.

  2. CTGWH

    I have tried this massager on all the places suggested in the product’s instruction manual, i.e., neck, back, abdomen, thigh, arm and calf, and it really works very well on all of these areas. The warm heat makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable and I have noticed that while I am using this massager, I am breathing deeply and slowly. I love the soft cover which similar products of other brands do not have. The only thing that I wish were otherwise is the duration of one treatment. After 15 minutes, the machine switches off automatically. I wish I could use it for a longer period especially when I am using it on multiple areas of my body. The instruction manual says: ‘If you want to reuse it, please have a break of 15-20 minutes’. The customer service is also excellent.

  3. Nicole Weinert

    Das Massage Gerät ersetzt den Masseur voll und ganz, top

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