Runme Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor

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  • 8 SHIATSU MASSAGE BALLS & 4 MODES: Deep-kneading massager pillow (4 balls for kneading and 4 balls for heating) works on your tired muscles with 4 different modes, including Clockwise Kneading, Clockwise Heating Kneading, Anticlockwise Kneading and Anticlockwise Heating Kneading.
  • HEATING & 3D FUNCTION: The heat is effective for warming and soothing aching muscles . And it can be turned on and off , if you desired or needed. Combined with ergonomics, professional 3D rotating balls design, give you a deep-kneading just like human hands massage.
  • WARM HAND BAG DESIGN: Equipped with detachable fiber cloth. If you dislike the strong strength, the cloth will play a role in reducing the intensity of the massage balls. Put hands under the cloth, you will gain a warm hand bag. No harm, easy to clean and remove.
  • OVER-HEATED PROTECTION & AUTO SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: If the temperature is over 70℃ or 158℉, massager pillow can cut off the drive power protection device. And It has a 15 minute automatic shut off for safety purposes.
  • POWERFUL & COMPACT: Adjustable Strap fixes the massager pillow on your car and chair. Relaxing and helpful with everyday aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and foots.
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1 review for Runme Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor

  1. Mario Capaldo

    Product is perfect, wonderful functions, infinite possibilities. I am very satisfied of my buy. This is really a best buy.

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