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Vacuum Sealer 16Liter/min Strong Suction, Mooka 4-in-1 Sealing System With Cutter, 10 Sealing Bags (FDA-Certified), Multi-use Vacuum Packing Machine and Pumping Hose, Dry/Moist Food Mode for Food Preservation

OXA 40L Hydration Backpack; Day Pack Perfect Camping, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Biking, Climbing, Hunting, Traveland Outdoor Activities,2 L Water Bladder Included; Sewn-in Rain Cover

OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 2.5L Pure Healthy Water Ionize, Two x 60-Day Filters, BPA-Free, Clean Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water Purifier

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21 reviews for Special Gift

  1. Tracy Parks

    The juicer does exactly what I wanted it to do. Makes great beet juice.

  2. Kaitlin Zeilfelder

    I have only used my new juicer a couple times in the week that I have had it and it seems really simple to use and juice with. It cleans up really well right after use. I have done a variety of vegetables and fruits and so far it juices them all willingly. The chute is on the narrow side so I do make sure all of my produce is slender ready to go. The fiber does seem to come out pretty dry so that indicates that it should be extracting all the juice it hopefully can. Will definitely continue to use.

  3. David

    Just received our Koios Juicer, Model # B5100. It arrived in perfect condition. Simple to use and extracts maximum amount of juice from a variety of fruit and vegetables. We love the carrot and orange juice it makes, simply delicious. We chose the 40L Hydration Pack for our special gift. Will be excellent for boating on the Gulf Coast.

  4. Spenser Latson

    Great buy!

  5. Gabriel Rodriguez

    I love my new juicer. The juice that is produced has helped me to lose and maintain my desired weight.

  6. A Coleman

    Great juicer…quality product.

  7. Aaron Coleman

    Great juicer…quality product. I use it every day.

  8. Joseph Kolos

    product work as described

  9. Paula Kay Shaffer

    I love this new juicer. It created delicious juices with less waste than my previous Jack Lallane. Also, the juice stays fresher longer which is very convenient. I am also impressed with how light the unit is with still being high quality. I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend to others.

  10. Micheal Phillips

    Very good. Works as expected.

  11. Micheal Phillips

    Very good. Works as expected. On the first try!

  12. Micheal Phillips


  13. Micheal Scott Phillips

    Nice. Works great. Works as expected. Nice to see that it has solid working parts and extracts the juice just like I like it!

  14. Igor


  15. Cynthia Santiago

    Recently acquired juicer. Easy to assemble, easy to use and super easy to clean.

  16. elisa

    its ok

  17. Emma Josselyn

    I am really enjoying my juicer. I used to have a centrifugal one, but wanted to switch to a slow masticating one because I read the juice doesn’t get damaged that way. I love that this one doesn’t take up too much space on my counter, it’s quiet, and I find it easier to clean than my last juicer. I wish the chute was a little bigger, but I’ve gotten used to it. I would definitely recommend it!

  18. Sara Patterson

    The engine is so quite . We ;just made our first apple -carrot -juice and it was delicious .
    I am so excited about the German made motor.
    This is a very well made product and clean up was a breeze

    Thank for this well made product

  19. Kathy Jenkins

    Awesome juicer! We really like it! It comes very nicely packaged and has a beautiful sleek look to it. It is the perfect size to leave on the counter without taking up too much space. We’ve juiced apples, carrots, kale, grapes, lemon, oranges and cucumbers and it did a marvelous job with them all. It was very easy to clean, very easy to assemble and operates with very little noise. I would highly recommend this juicer!

  20. erika

    have only used the juicer once, but already i can tell the quality of the juice is far superior to what i would get from my old centrifugal juicer. the juice tastes amazing and cleanup was a cinch! so glad i bought.

  21. Dayna Hurd

    I am so glad I went with this juicer after researching multiple juicers fo 4hours. This one stood out. Especially after watching the promo video. It does exactly what the video shows. I love how much juice comes out of literally everything. And the pulp is pushed out neatly and clean. I do suggest putting a whole strawberry in possible because when I had cut them in half they became really mushy with the pulp and less juice. I mean juice came out but it could’ve been more. But won’t complain because my juice was still amazing.

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