TENKER Additional Camera for Video Baby Monitor System CM5341

$100.99 $99.99

  • REQUIRE TENKER CM5341: Add-on camera for TENKER Video Baby Monitor CM5341 (sold separately), up to 4 cameras.
  • SOUND & TEMPERATURE DETECT: Sound detection sensitivity can be adjusted yourself. The temperature will be shown on the monitor screen, and can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • AUTOMATIC NIGHT VISION: Night vision up to 15 feet – never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 15 feet in complete darkness.
  • VOLUME CONTROL: Slide the volume button, adjust the lullaby and voice volume from the parent unit. Built-in speaker and microphone, not only can you see what is happening in front of your camera, but you can also hear audio and speak.
  • REMOTE PAN-TILT-ZOOM & SHELF MOUNT: Mount the camera for a better viewing position; camera rotates 270° horizontal and 110° vertical. It comes with a compatible mounting shelf. The length of the power cord is up to 70 inches. 
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